The most technologically advanced, fuel-efficient Peterbilt – ever

The Model 579’s features are the direct result of our customers’ input. We’ve considered the feedback of over 100 user tests and interviews with drivers, techs, and safety and maintenance managers in applications including over-the-road sleepers, LTL day cabs and vocational applications such as tankers and aggregate haulers. 

The results add up to many technological advancements and a distinctively styled, super comfortable, sleeker, more aerodynamically and fuel-efficient Model 579. One that endured million-mile endurance tests and extensive field validation. No wonder it’s the most technologically advanced, fuel-efficient Peterbilt – ever.

Peterbilt Model 579 with Aerodynamic Lines

Carries a heavy payload with a lighter payout at the pump

  • The PACCAR powertrain offers an integrated solution for maximizing MPG and payload capacity
  • It combines durable PACCAR MX engines and DX-40k tandem drive axles
  • The integration of these components allows for effortless pulling, improved efficiency, enhanced fuel economy and increased driver comfort
  • The PACCAR MX-13, PACCAR MX-11 and PACCAR PX-9 engines utilize a combination of proven technologies and state-of-the-art innovations
  • These engines are designed to maximize MPG and achieve the lowest possible fuel consumption, emissions and noise levels
  • They incorporate variable speed engine components and optimized combustion
  • PACCAR MX engines deliver exceptional reliability and proven performance, whether in linehaul or vocational heavy-duty truck applications

Other powertrain highlights include:

  • Gear ratio coverage for slow-speed maneuvering
  • High-performance thru-shaft pinion design that transfers full engine power straight to the road
  • Fuel system efficiently optimizes combustion and decreases noise
  • Broad torque curve that delivers up to 1,850 lb.-ft. and peak torque at low rounds per minute (RPM)
  • Long-life maintenance intervals

The new PACCAR TX-12 PRO automated transmission is designed to be versitile and efficient, while also remaining tough and durable. It is engineered to operate with engines that have up to 1,000 lbs.-ft. of torque and a maximum Gross Combination Weight Rating (GCWR) of 70,000 lbs. 

More TX-12 Pro Features and Benefits include:

  • Dual PTO functionality to power multiple hydraulic devices simultaneously
  • New Extreme Duty Clutch for improved low-speed maneuvering with higher loads
  • Rock Free Mode helps rock the truck free from mud, sand or snow
  • Off-Highway Calibration enables shift points that are tuned for changing off-highway conditions with a bias toward shifting less often
  • Secondary Configuration for a tailored driving experience that accounts for toggling between two calibrations for the load or terrain
PACCAR Engine Isolated

Aerodynamics enhance the efficiency

  • The Model 579 offers the most advanced aerodynamic features and packages to improve fuel economy
  • The bold grille and bumper maximize aerodynamic performance, while the lower-sitting front end enhances visibility of the ground in front of the truck
  • The new air dam below the bumper further improves aerodynamics without compromising ground clearance
  • Sculpted mirror heads and arms not only improve aerodynamic efficiency but also allow the driver to see the top of the trailer while backing up
  • The A-pillar fairing directs air across the side of the cab to improve aerodynamics, reduce noise and enhance driver comfort
  • New wheel well closeouts accommodate a wider range of tire options
  • Tip-out chassis fairings provide convenient tool-free access to batteries, fuel tanks, auxiliary power units (APUs) and after-treatment systems
  • The Model 579 features industry-leading Light Emitting Diode (LED) headlamps with superior light coverage, uniformity and a built-in heater for clear lenses in inclement weather
  • An optional LED fog, driving and directional light system enhances visibility in different weather and road conditions by improving high-beam output and automatically activating a cornering light with the turn signal
Peterbilt Model 579 Drives on Highway in Desert

All the comforts of home

  • The interior of the new Model 579 sleeper provides home-like comfort
  • The 80-inch UltraLoft sleeper offers 8 feet of headroom, 70 cu. ft. of storage and the largest mattresses in the industry
  • It can accommodate up to a 32-inch TV and a 1.1 cubic-foot microwave, both the largest in their class
  • In the double bunk configuration, a foldaway ladder conveniently disappears when not in use
  • Sleeper features include sound abatement technology, independent HVAC with separate controls, optional fuel-fired heater and multiple no-idle hoteling options
  • Engine enhancements such as smoother operation, crank-mounted fan, engine-mounted air cleaner and acoustically tuned engine mounts improve the driving experience
  • Trim levels feature dark dash and door pad uppers for reduced glare
  • The spacious interior includes larger panel switches, large cupholders with storage, a new smart steering wheel with audio/phone and cruise controls, SmartNav™ display, dual USB chargers and LED lighting
  • The 15-inch digital display is the largest in the industry, providing easy-to-use features and a configurable interface
  • It integrates Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) technology and features, providing critical truck systems information
  • The all-new Digital Vision System-Mirrors utilize HDR cameras in the driver and passenger side mirror heads, featuring hydrophobic lenses for improved visibility in harsh conditions.
  • Two large high-definition monitors, strategically placed on the A-Pillars, allow for different viewing layouts and include Vision Enhancements such as Automatic Trailer Tracking and Panning, Infrared Night Vision, and Clear Inclement Weather Vision.
  • The DVS-M enhances driver safety by reducing blind spots, providing clear visibility in inclement weather, and minimizing headlight glare at night. It also offers fuel savings of up to 1.5% and has an automatic camera defrost feature.
Peterbilt Model 579 Interior Sleeping Space

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