SmartLINQ® Keeps Your Fleet Moving

SmartLINQ services include advanced health monitoring, detailed truck information and Over-The-Air updates. Any truck, model year 2017 or later, with an active SmartLINQ subscription can take advantage of these great features. And now, your SmartLINQ subscription can be easily renewed by logging into the PACCAR Solutions portal and selecting your desired option, with payments via credit card or ACH.

Black 579 on road with signal overlay to indicate connected services

Advanced Health Monitoring 24/7

SmartLINQ remote diagnostics keeps you informed of your fleet’s condition at all times by continuously monitoring over 800 engine and emissions systems codes. These codes are instantly analyzed, and alerts displayed on the PACCAR Solutions portal. Alerts can also be automatically emailed to your dealer, fleet manager or other support personnel.

The PACCAR Solutions portal provides plain English descriptions of the diagnostic code, troubleshooting steps and the location of the nearest Peterbilt dealers. The portal helps you prioritize service actions through four levels of notifications – informational, service soon, service now and stop now.

Person using laptop with PACCAR log in on screen

Easily Manage Service Events

The PACCAR Solutions Service Management portal is an easy-to-use web-based system to help you increase productivity and uptime.

  • Proactively schedule service appointments at Peterbilt dealerships
  • Monitor services performed at Peterbilt dealerships
  • Receive and approve electronic estimates for service work
  • Access service history, warranty information and maintenance schedules
Schedule Service
Image of phone showing Over-The-Air software updates screen

Over-The-Air Software Updates
Anywhere, Anytime

Customers can update the latest engine and aftertreatment software Over-The-Air (OTA) – anywhere, anytime without the need to visit the dealership. Software can be updated safely and securely via the PACCAR Solutions Portal and PACCAR app. This is a major time saver!


General Questions

  • Peterbilt's suite of factory-installed connected services that includes advanced health monitoring, detailed truck information and recommended actions.

  • SmartLINQ maximizes uptime by helping fleet managers avoid unexpected downtime and/or delays.
  • Fleet managers can use the PACCAR Solutions Portal Dashboard to monitor their vehicles and quickly survey and prioritize which vehicles need attention first.
  • This arms fleet managers with detailed information to make decisions based on the urgency of each issue, see if it’s a driver check issue, determine if they need to schedule service appointments at their preferred Peterbilt dealer or even find local dealers.
  • This also allows fleet managers to proactively schedule maintenance service ensuring that parts and technicians are available and ready to get each vehicle back on the road as quickly as possible.

  • Peterbilt’s SmartLINQ monitors over 800 engine and emission systems diagnostic codes, providing real-time notifications in plain English, and recommended actions.
  • SmartLINQ also gathers core truck information such as fuel economy, overall mileage, engine hours and idle time, which can easily be viewed and exported.

  • This easy-to-use portal helps you prioritize service events based on four levels of severity – stop now, service now, service soon and informational.

  • SmartLINQ Over-The-Air updates increase uptime allowing updates on multiple trucks simultaneously, providing you with flexibility to install them where and when you want, instead of having to schedule a service appointment.

  • Any truck, model year 2017 or later.

If you have questions about PACCAR Over-The-Air Updates or Subscription Renewals, click on these links and/or see the Resources & Downloads section above. For more in-depth user information, please refer to the SmartLINQ Operators Manual. Please contact your selling dealer for more information.