Regional haul application. Big environmental impact.

  • The Peterbilt Model 579EV features a battery-electric system that provides efficient operation and lower overall maintenance for environmentally conscious customers
  • The Model 579EV day cab uses stored energy for propulsion and other power requirements and delivers superior vehicle performance
  • The Model 579EV is ideal for regional haul and drayage applications, in part because the frequent starts and stops engage the regenerative braking, which transfers energy back into the battery backs, reducing brake pad wear and extending operating range
Peterbilt Model 579EV Drives on a City Street

Fulfilling customer demands with freedom from tailpipe emissions

  • Instead of an engine, batteries power the e-axle(s) to deliver abundant low-end torque
  • The e-axles are outfitted with two-speed gearing and a 2:1 gearing reduction for great start-ability and efficient cruising
  • Regenerative braking recharges the batteries to maximize range
  • The under-hood area, where the engine is usually housed, contains battery disconnect controls, on-board vehicle AC charger, cab heater and the air compressor
  • This area also includes a DC-DC and low-voltage battery converter, which provides 12-volt current to power all other electronic equipment such as cab electronics and lights
Ghosted Peterbilt Model 579EV Showing Drivetrain

100% 579 with 0% emissions

  • The Model 579EV features all of the aerodynamic benefits, driver comforts, superior visibility, spacious interior and safety measures for which the Model 579 is known
  • Unique Electric Vehicle (EV) hood panels and blue accents in the grille distinguish the Model 579EV as an electric vehicle, while the advanced technology of an electric powertrain delivers a premium, zero-emission solution


Peterbilt Model 579EV Drives on Highway

A quiet, comfortable cabin experience

  • The Model 579EV uses an enhanced gauge cluster to clearly communicate all the information required for the driver to operate the electric vehicle, including power output, charge level, coolant temperature, service indicators and more
  • The Model 579EV is standard with a unique platinum trim with blue accents
  • Regenerative braking is controlled via the right-hand stalk and can be dialed into three distinct settings based on load and road conditions


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