On-Board Intelligence

A Technology & Communications Hub

A high-tech infotainment system, SmartNavdelivers GPS navigation, communications and vehicle monitoring direct to your dash.

With a seven-inch color touch-screen, the SmartNav display enables intuitive interaction with an array of technologies, functions and apps. And when the job demands your attention, SmartNav has you covered with voice recognition and control, keeping hands on the wheel and eyes on the road.

SmartNav integrates seamlessly with your phone via Bluetooth® connection and includes WiFi capability, making it easy to stay in touch no matter where you are. The integrated audio system plays through the truck speakers and can also accommodate satellite radio.

SmartNav is available with all Peterbilt interiors and comes standard with Peterbilt’s Platinum interior. The display is available in English, Spanish and French Canadian.

Navigation & Driving
Integrated GPS

Integrated GPS navigation finds you the most efficient routes. Not only that, it takes into account factors such as bridge heights, weigh stations and Peterbilt-specific points of interest in calculating the optimal journey.

Intelligent CoPilot

SmartNav now features CoPilot Live, which allows routes to be configured to match the exact profile of your truck, down to height, weight and axle configuration. With custom map views, fuel cost estimates, ETAs and distance from destination, detours and real-time speed limit warnings, CoPilot Live is the ultimate journey companion and planner.

Optional Cameras

SmartNav™ gives you the ability to see up to four cameras installed on the vehicle. Your Peterbilt dealership can help you set cameras to activate automatically when the turn signal or reverse gears are engaged.


Virtual Gauges

Monitor key vehicle data in real time, such as fuel flow rate, air pressure and temperature. Drivers can choose from a range of other gauge options, such as tag and pusher axle pressure, PTO hour meter, auxiliary transmission oil temperature and trailer reservoir air pressure gauge.

Enhanced Configurations

The SmartNav system’s integration of digital gauges saves up to two gauge configurations personalized to different drivers, benefitting team drivers.


Phone, Messaging & Contacts

SmartNav pairs with Bluetooth-enabled phones, allowing the driver to operate hands-free using voice control. Drivers can place calls, send messages, access contacts and much more.

Audio System

With full audio system integration, SmartNav features AM/FM/Weather bands, satellite radio (subscription required), a CD player, USB port for MP3 files, smart phone capabilities for compatible devices and supports Bluetooth audio streaming.

Onboard WiFi Capability

WiFi allows users to access the internet and perform system updates through Peterbilt’s WiFi Mobile Care application.