• T.A. Peterman, a logger and manufacturer
    of wood products, buys Fageol Motors Company
    and starts making Peterbilt trucks to serve
    the demanding logging industry on
    the West Coast. The Models 260 and
    334 are Peterbilt's first trucks
    and set the stage for the
    distinctive styling Peterbilt
    would be become legendary
    for throughout its history.

  • Peterbilt unveils the Model
    350, a perennial classic
    and one of the most
    popular trucks of its time.

  • The Peterbilt oval, one of
    the most recognizable
    brand logos in the world
    today, is created.

  • The Model 351 is introduced in 1954 and enjoys the longest production run in the company's history.

  • Pacific Car & Foundry
    Company acquires Peterbilt,
    creating a synergy that
    would consistently set new
    industry standards in the
    decades ahead.

  • The Model 359 is introduced and becomes an instant classic. The Model 359 lays the groundwork for what would later become the Model 379, a Peterbilt icon.

  • Pacific Car & Foundry
    Company is renamed
    PACCAR Inc.

  • Peterbilt's state-of-the-art
    manufacturing facility
    opens in Denton, Texas,
    and builds its first truck,
    a Model 359.

  • Peterbilt introduces the Model 362, an aerodynamic cab-over-engine tractor developed to address length restrictions and the increased popularity of 53" trailers.

  • Peterbilt introduces "The Successors," – including the Models 357, 375, 377 and the iconic 379. The Model 379 is still considered a legend in the trucking industry and the most popular owner-operator truck in history.

  • Peterbilt builds upon the earlier success of the low-cab forward models and introduces the new Model 320, which quickly becomes the leading vehicle for the refuse industry.

  • Peterbilt enters the lightweight conventional Class 7 market with the Model 330, built at PACCAR's manufacturing facility in St. Therese, Quebec.

  • Peterbilt introduces the premium aerodynamic Model 387, the company's first integrated cab and sleeper vehicle and the most aerodynamic and technologically advanced Peterbilt design to date.

  • Peterbilt unveils the Model 386, an aerodynamic conventional truck that provides significant fuel-economy improvement over other conventional products. The Model 386 is also Peterbilt's first product designated as fuel efficient and environmentally friendly by the EPA's SmartWay® program.

  • The PACCAR MX Engine is introduced for the Class 8 North American marketplace. The PACCAR MX engine brings a new level of innovation through industry-leading quality, exceptional reliability and proven performance. For more than 50 years, PACCAR has delivered more than 1 million engines globally.

  • The groundbreaking Model 587 sets the new standard of aerodynamic and operational efficiency and is the first truck in the industry to become standard with Air Disc Brakes.

  • Peterbilt unveils the revolutionary new 579, combining Peterbilt's legendary quality and innovative design. The 579 features a wider cab for improved driver comfort, a significant improvement in fuel efficiency, increased visibility and other safety improvements to make it the most advanced vehicle in the company's history.

  • Peterbilt introduces the rugged Model 567 for the vocational market. The new 567 delivers the proven durability customers expect from Peterbilt, with signature features like the aluminum, standard severe-service cab for rugged performance and the wider, spacious interior for maximum driver comfort and productivity.

  • Peterbilt celebrates its proud heritage and history of innovation with its 75th anniversary of industry leadership. From the first Peterbilt chassis T.A. Peterman manufactured in 1939 for the logging industry to its current lineup of best-in-class vehicles, Peterbilt creates icons generation after generation. 75 Years of Class.

  • Peterbilt introduces the newest PACCAR Powertrain Innovation – the PACCAR Transmission, a game changer with integrated communication between the PACCAR MX-13 engine and PACCAR axles to complete the PACCAR Powertrain.

A Rich History of Performance and Innovation

Peterbilt has reigned as America's premium-quality, heavy-duty truck manufacturer since the company's founding in 1939. Browse the timeline above to learn more about Peterbilt's heritage and become a part of the legacy.

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