The Drive to Do Better

Innovation isn’t just a buzzword. At Peterbilt, it guides everything. From designing to testing to manufacturing processes, everything is open to enhancement. Every employee is empowered to discover bold new ideas.



From connected truck capability, to an in-dash driver performance assistant, Peterbilt offers a range of features that allow you to track, tune and maintain your vehicle to keep it operating at peak performance. 

MX Engine
Efficiency & Uptime

Engineered for Performance

From the tires to the powertrain to the aerodynamic design, a Peterbilt is engineered to squeeze every last mile out of each gallon of fuel. The result is outstanding total cost of ownership and maximum uptime.

Quality & Design

Driven by the Details

Quality shows in the details, like the ergonomic Peterbilt cab and sleeper, designed for the comfort of the men and women behind the wheel. Of course, the timeless Peterbilt craftsmanship is there for everyone to enjoy.


Always Vigilant

With industry leading safety features, a Peterbilt is prepared for anything from the open road to the most demanding off road applications. Key safety technology comes standard.