• Peterbilt’s SmartLINQ connected truck technology helps provide maximum uptime, keep deliveries on time, streamline service management and ensure trucks are running at peak performance. The SmartLINQ remote diagnostics system is factory installed and standard on all Peterbilt models.

    SmartLINQ Remote Diagnostics Features:

    • Instant, at-a-glance fleet health with detailed diagnostics and recommended actions
    • Convenient SmartLINQ app for both Android and iOS platforms
    • Easy-to-use, web-based portal through PACCAR Solutions
    • Customizable, 24/7 notifications to make quick, informed service decisions
    • Monitors more than 750 engine and aftertreatment diagnostic codes
    • Complimentary two-year subscription (longer with applicable extended warranties)
    • Track trucks throughout North America, with units color-coded to indicate health

      - Green: truck is healthy, no active diagnostic codes
      - Yellow: truck needs service soon
      - Orange: truck needs service now
      - Red: immediate action required
      - Grey: informational, no action required

Reasoning Engine Technology

Reasoning engine technology, a collective knowledge approach to truck diagnostics and repair is integrated with the SmartLINQ platform. SmartLINQ’s reasoning engine technology collects and analyzes information generated by the on-board diagnostics of every SmartLINQ-enabled truck.

    • Improves Accuracy of Diagnostic Information
    • Evolving Analytical Analysis of Fault Codes
    • Links Cascading Faults for More Complete Analysis
  • SmartLinq Maps

SmartLINQ also provides contact information and directions to the three nearest Peterbilt dealerships. It can be set to connect with Peterbilt dealer(s) so they can be on standby to provide the necessary parts and service.

SmartLINQ truly is the intelligent solution for getting the most productivity, profitability and performance from each Peterbilt in your fleet equipped with this technology. To learn more about SmartLINQ or to make sure your system is activated, contact your Peterbilt dealer sales representative.

SmartLINQ Service Management

SmartLINQ Service Management provides customers with real-time access to the status of truck repairs and service being performed at Peterbilt dealerships. It improves uptime by streamlining communication between customers and dealers to expedite decision-making in the servicing of the vehicle. All service steps are date- and time-stamped, providing a complete history of each service event.

  • Maximizes Uptime
  • Improves Customer’s Service Experience
  • 24/7 Access to Repair Status and Service Records
  • Strengthens Customer-Dealer-Peterbilt Partnership
  • Streamlines Fleet Management and Logistics

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