• Peterbilt reached new heights of fuel economy and aerodynamic efficiency with the introduction of the Model 579. The bar was raised again with the EPIQ package, which can deliver up to 14 percent improved fuel efficiency. Exclusive to the Model 579, EPIQ continues to evolve, adding better mpg along the way.

    At the heart of EPIQ is APEX, which pairs the PACCAR MX-13 engine and the Fuller Advantage Automated Transmission with proprietary, optimized communication technology. The results are better fuel economy, precise shifting and reduced weight. But EPIQ’s features don’t stop there.

    The Model 579 EPIQ incorporates all available aerodynamic enhancements and closeouts (see below for a full list). Aerodynamic performance was refined using CFD (computational fluid dynamics), wind tunnel testing and thousands of miles of on-the-road validation.

Other technologies utilized in EPIQ are:

  • Other Technologies Utlilized in Epiq are:
    • A single horizontal exhaust configuration or a single right-hand back-of-sleeper exhaust configuration;
    • The SmartTire Tire Pressure Monitoring System that provides operators with real-time tire pressure and temperature information;
    • Low rolling resistance tires that minimize friction between tires and the road; and
    • Optimized spec’ing software used by Peterbilt and its dealer network to help customers fully realize the benefits of EPIQ by recommending the most fuel-efficient rear axle ratios and engine settings, among other options.

The Model 579 EPIQ’s aerodynamic components and closeouts include:

    1. 3-Piece Bumper with Aero Bumper Dam
    2. Aerodynamic Hood with Wheel Closeouts
    3. MX-13 Engine / Transmission Enhancements
    4. Driver Performance Assistant Coaching Technology
    5. Exterior Mirror
    6. Optimized Sunvisor
    7. Pulled Forward Roof Fairing
    8. Roof Fairing Close-Out and Trailer Bridge
    9. Extenders with Rubber Guard
    10. Tire Pressure Monitoring
    11. Side Skirts (above and below chassis fairing)
    12. Extended Chassis Fairings with Kick-Out
  • Model 579 Epiq


The Model 579 equipped with the enhanced EPIQ package takes fuel efficiency to new levels. The Model 579 EPIQ includes complete aerodynamic styling and fairings/closeouts, the optimized APEX drivetrain with the PACCAR MX-13 engine, low rolling resistance tires and the SmartTire Pressure Monitoring System for a 14% improvement in fuel efficiency over previous models. Use the calculator to see what this can mean to your business’ bottom line.

The calculated fuel savings are estimates only. Actual fuel savings may vary depending on any number of variables, including load, terrain, weather, maintenance, speed, and driving style.

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