Peterbilt Axles

Fuel-efficient performance. Powered by Quality.

  • The PACCAR axles provide robust performance, improved fuel economy and weight reduction benefits. The PACCAR 40,000-pound tandem drive axle comes standard for Peterbilt Model 579s powered by PACCAR MX engines. Learn more about PACCAR Axles.

PACCAR Steer Axle

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The PACCAR front steer axle delivers a lightweight and durable option to enhance customer vehicle payload. Available with weight ratings from 20,000 – 22,000 pounds, the front axle is designed for demanding applications such as construction, heavy haul, refuse and other vocational uses. The PACCAR Front Axle, Powered by Quality.

    • Performance

      The PACCAR steer axle continues the Peterbilt tradition of innovative and rugged products for vocational customers who demand maximum performance. The axle configuration maximizes customer uptime and profitability.


The steer axle utilizes innovative tapered kingpin roller bearings for more efficient operation and improved steering efficiency.

PACCAR Tandem Drive Axle

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Attention to detail through the integration of systems and the use of the highest quality materials result in long-term customer value. The PACCAR axle features a laser-welded design and simplified power distribution to streamline the product and improve efficiency.

    • Performance

      The PACCAR tandem drive axle is designed for optimized performance. The axle combines durable materials with quality design to achieve torque ratings up to 1,750 lb-ft to deliver heavy-duty Peterbilt performance.

Fuel Efficiency

Excellent fuel economy is achieved through a weight reduction of up to 150 pounds.

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