Peterbilt Platinum Service Centers – Driving Uptime Every Day

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What are the Platinum Service Centers?

Platinum Service Centers are dealer locations that have been recognized by Peterbilt as facilities designed and operated with a single focus: maximize uptime for Peterbilt customers. Uptime is a crucial metric for any fleet. The more time a truck is operating, the more efficient and profitable the operation will be. Platinum Service Centers have the equipment, technicians and technology to perform quality repairs and get drivers back on the road quickly.

The Platinum Service Center (PSC) certification is granted by Peterbilt to a dealer location based on an objective set of criteria. These criteria are evaluated and scores are assigned to each one. Only dealer locations that meet or exceed a predefined threshold are designated as Platinum Service Centers. Once certified, all locations must continue to meet or exceed the scoring threshold, thus ensuring a consistent customer experience at these locations.

The criteria assessed as part of the Platinum Service Center program includes the following:

  • Enhanced Service Capacity: Every Platinum Service Center has the technicians, service bays, tooling and equipment required to meet or exceed the requirements of their area of responsibility, allowing them to service multiple trucks per day and maximize uptime.
  • Highly Trained Technicians: Every PSC location has Peterbilt-certified technicians, including MX-certified technicians, who have the training and experience to service your Peterbilt truck right the first time, every time.
  • Parts Availability: Platinum Service Centers leverage the programs and services from PACCAR Parts to maintain optimal levels of parts inventory and maximize part availability for Peterbilt customers.

In addition to the PSC criteria, many Peterbilt locations offer enhanced facilities and services such as:

  • Roadside Assistance and Mobile Service: Peterbilt locations operate mobile service units that allow them to provide roadside assistance and/or perform some basic maintenance and minor repairs onsite at the customer’s location.
  • Technology: Many Peterbilt locations utilize SMARTLINQ® and the PACCAR Solutions™ portal to monitor fleets, identify potential issues and coordinate the availability of service bays, technicians and parts to ensure quick completion of service work with minimal downtime.

For Peterbilt, the Platinum Service Center program is one more way we demonstrate our commitment to customer uptime. Peterbilt works closely with our fast-growing dealer network to build a consistent customer experience focused on maximizing uptime for every customer, helping them run efficient and profitable businesses. Click the button below to find the Platinum Service Center location closest to you.

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