Relentless Pursuit of Efficiency

Raising fuel efficiency by up to 8%

EPIQ’s technologies work in tandem with the PACCAR MX-13 engine, the PACCAR Automated Transmission with proprietary communication technology and the PACCAR rear axle resulting in a truck featuring components that work together to save you fuel.

Peterbilt also conducted a complete aerodynamic analysis of the 579, followed by refined performance with computational fluid dynamics, wind tunnel testing and thousands of miles of on-road validation.

The results are better fuel economy, precise shifting and reduced weight, improving fuel efficiency by up to 8% compared to the 579 vehicle without EPIQ. Innovation never stops – EPIQ continues to evolve.

Aerodynamic Components & Closeouts

Optimized Components

  • 3-Piece Bumper with Aero Bumper Dam
  • Aerodynamic Hood with Wheel Closeouts
  • Exterior Mirror
  • Optimized Sunvisor
  • Extenders with Rubber Guard

Optimized Fairings

  • Pulled Forward Roof Fairing
  • Roof Fairing Close-Out and Trailer Bridge
  • Side Skirts (above and below chassis fairing)
  • Extended Chassis Fairings with Kick-Out