Peterbilt Motors Company announces Bendix® Wingman® Fusion™ as standard on the Model 579.

Through a unique combination of camera, radar and braking systems, Bendix Wingman Fusion provides a full set of collision mitigation technologies and driver alerts that greatly enhance driver safety.

"The Bendix Wingman Fusion system acts like a second set of eyes for the driver," said Wesley Slavin, On-Highway Marketing Manager for Peterbilt Motors. "The Model 579 features the most advanced technology for driver safety and comfort, this system is one of the many advancements drivers can expect to see."

The system is able to perform a variety of actions, including issuing driver alerts, reducing throttle, and – if necessary – applying the brakes. The system alerts the driver when cars stop abruptly in the truck’s direct lane of travel, advising them to slow down before automatically applying brakes to slow down the truck and mitigate collision. The system additionally alerts drivers when they are traveling over the posted speed limit, first issuing an audible warning signal at 5mph over, and then alerting and applying a 1-second engine de-throttle to get the driver’s attention.

Wingman Fusion further protects drivers by alerting them when they are traveling too close behind another vehicle or unintentionally changing lanes, indicating the driver may be distracted or drowsy. The system includes an alert prioritization feature to alert drivers of only the most crucial information during a mitigation event. This process can reduce driver distraction, allowing them to adapt as quickly as possible.

This technology provides information to assist drivers and fleet operators by storing it on board and transmitting video and data via the fleet’s telematics system to track and help train drivers, plus reinforce safe on-road driving practices.. After sending audible alerts to the driver, the Bendix Wingman Fusion system, via SafetyDirect, can forward information to the fleet operator. When a vehicle consistently travels over the speed limit or engages in dangerous behavior like abrupt starting and stopping, the fleet operator is notified to better assist drivers with information about how to help increase fuel efficiency and safety.

The Bendix Wingman Fusion technology will be standard on all Peterbilt Model 579 trucks built on or after July 1, 2018.