Today, Peterbilt Motors Company displays its commitment to innovation.

In an event at the new PACCAR Innovation Center, Peterbilt displayed current developmental projects, including a Level 4 autonomous truck and two Class 8 electric trucks.

The PACCAR Innovation Center is coordinating next-generation research and identifying emerging technologies that will benefit future vehicle performance. Technology areas of focus including advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS), artificial intelligence, vehicle connectivity and augmented reality. The Innovation Center is also accelerating partnerships in the development of electric and hydrogen fuel cell powertrains, as well as the deployment of big data analytics.

"Purposeful innovation is continuously engrained into every aspect of our business and it means we will be ready to deliver innovative options to our customers and their drivers," Jason Skoog, General Manager, Peterbilt Motors Company. "The PACCAR Innovation Center allows Peterbilt to connect with and leverage the advancements being made by technology companies in Silicon Valley. When combined with the talented and experienced Peterbilt employees and worldwide PACCAR resources we have a team that will deliver innovative products and services now and into the future."

The facility includes space for vehicle testing and advanced manufacturing capabilities. The PACCAR Innovation Center opened in the summer of 2017.

"The PACCAR Innovation Center is building strategic relationships with the technology companies in Silicon Valley," said Jake Montero, General Manager, PACCAR Innovation Center. "This facility cements PACCAR’s commitment to innovation and highlights the importance of leveraging the advancements being made in a variety of important areas related to the commercial vehicle industry."