Peterbilt announces new design features and options that result in weight savings, better performance and improved serviceability for the Peterbilt Model 220.

Among the new features is a redesigned vertical exhaust. The single canister aftertreatment in this design replaces the former dual canister design, saving up to 100 lbs. per unit. The design also increases the Model 220’s cab-to-axle distance by six inches. The battery box in this exhaust configuration has also been reduced in size, resulting in a combined weight savings of up to 165 lbs.  

The standard battery box cover on the Model 220 has also been enhanced for 2017. The battery box cover is now made from lighter-weight aluminum instead of steel. In addition to being lighter weight, the aluminum battery cover has better corrosion resistance and enhanced overall aesthetics.

All the 2017 enhancements are available for immediate order. Peterbilt launched the Model 220 in 2014 and is available for multiple applications including urban pick-up-and delivery, refuse, landscaping, street sweeping and striping.