Peterbilt Motors Company introduced new technology enhancements to its SmartLINQ remote diagnostics platform, as well as expanded availability to all Class 8 truck engines, during the ATA Management Conference & Exhibition in Las Vegas.

“Peterbilt’s SmartLINQ is providing our customers with greater uptime, as well as cost savings and improved fleet management,” said Darrin Siver, Peterbilt General Manager and PACCAR Vice President. “Reasoning engine technology and SmartLINQ Service Management are Peterbilt’s latest innovations to SmartLINQ’s comprehensive connected truck solutions.”

SmartLINQ provides customers with real-time, at-a-glance information on fleet health, with detailed diagnostics and recommended actions, through the web-based PACCAR Solutions portal. SmartLINQ Service Management, powered by Decisiv, will be integrated with the PACCAR Solutions portal in 2017.

Siver noted that nearly 20,000 Peterbilt trucks are equipped with SmartLINQ and that number is rapidly expanding with the system now standard and factory-installed on all heavy-duty trucks.

Reasoning Engine Technology
Reasoning engine technology, a collective knowledge approach to truck diagnostics and repair, will be integrated with the SmartLINQ platform in December.

“Reasoning engine technology improves truck service and repair efficiencies to get trucks back on the road faster,” said Scott Newhouse, Peterbilt Chief Engineer. “Using actual field repair data, it provides technicians and customers with the most efficient diagnostic and service procedures.”

SmartLINQ’s reasoning engine technology will collect and analyze information generated by the on-board diagnostics of every SmartLINQ-enabled truck. It utilizes machine learning to make associations between triggered diagnostic codes. Technicians can apply up-to-the-minute information to more efficiently and accurately diagnose and solve service issues.

SmartLINQ Service Management
SmartLINQ Service Management provides customers with real-time access to the status of truck repairs and service being performed at Peterbilt dealerships. It improves uptime by streamlining communication between customers and dealers to expedite decision-making in the servicing of the vehicle, for instance approving electronic repair estimates.

“SmartLINQ provides customers with instant, complete remote diagnostic information,” said Mike Conroy, Director of Field Service. “SmartLINQ Service Management takes the next step by giving customers that same convenience during the service process, letting them manage it more efficiently.”

SmartLINQ Service Management is user-friendly and features real-time dashboards, alerts and reports. All service steps are date- and time-stamped, providing a complete history of each service event.

Beginning this month every Class 8 truck produced will have a code that dealer service technicians scan to access detailed chassis information and updatable service records though SmartLINQ Service Management. Model year 2007 and newer trucks can be retrofitted with a code through Peterbilt dealerships. The system expedites maintenance and repairs by giving service technicians quick access to essential information to help perform work faster and more efficiently.

Service Management is currently being rolled out to the Peterbilt dealer network. The fleet portal is expected to be available through PACCAR Solutions in Summer 2017.