As a company that prides itself on providing service that is a class above their competitors, Fresh Freight CEO Matt Heroux has been surrounded by trucking and the transportation industry most of his life. You could say it’s in his blood, as his family has been in the transportation space since 1920. So it should be no surprise that some of his earliest childhood memories are around big trucks. After spending 20-plus years working within the trucking sector, Matt decided in 2016 to branch out and start his own brokerage and logistics company with the dream of eventually transitioning to an asset-based fleet company.

“I don’t see a lot of guys like me out there that are looking to become fleet owners. Everyone wants to be tech driven. They want to make an app or a software technology. I want to provide my customers the freshest food using the best technology out there,” said, Matt Heroux.

Antonio Wynn
Trucker Antonio Wynn enjoys Fresh Freight’s premium approach to taking care of their drivers. A shiny new Peterbilt Model 579 UltraLoft doesn’t hurt either.

In 2019, the dream became a reality with Fresh Freight adding the first 10 Peterbilt Model 579 UltraLoft trucks to their fleet. After spending decades managing fleets, Matt knew early on that he didn’t want to have a blended fleet with a variety of manufacturer’s trucks. A big believer in uniformity, whether it be in systems or processes, Matt wanted to partner with a premium truck brand and use it as a selling point to his customers and drivers. “From a driver recruitment standpoint, once the word is out that you only have Peterbilt 579 UltraLofts in your fleet the rest is easy,” Heroux said.  Fresh Freight’s drivers are big part of Fresh Freight’s premium package. Drivers are paid a base salary, versus the industry norm of mileage, and are expected to be over the road truckers capable of delivering a white glove treatment where service is critical.

“While Peterbilt’s might not be the cheapest trucks on the market you get what you pay for and that is the exact same way I run my business. We don’t win much business based on pricing, but rather on service,” said Matt Heroux. “I tell my customers all the time if you want the cheapest truck I’m not that guy, but if you want it done right I am your guy.”

While most freight companies haul a variety of different goods, Fresh Freight is unique, only transporting food and food products. Another component that puts Fresh Freight a class above is their exclusive partnership with a company who provides equipment that cleans and sanitizes the air within their trailers during transport. By removing ethaline gas, airborne bacteria, mold and allergens, the food stays fresh during transport and has a longer shelf life. Based in Phoenix, Fresh Freight works with a variety of big brands in the food service, produce and grocery retail business.

One of the fastest growing logistic companies in the US, Fresh Freight is continuing to expand adding warehousing, consolidation and special projects to their business.

“It has been a real pleasure to help make Matt’s dream of adding Model 579 UltraLofts to Fresh Freight’s fleet become a reality.  With Matt’s drive and how fast his company is growing, I know this is just the beginning of a strong relationship between Peterbilt and Fresh Freight,” said Robert Woodall, Peterbilt Assistant General Manager, Sales and Marketing.