Peterbilt SmartNav

SmartNav™ Infotainment System

  • Enhanced Technology for an Enhanced Way of Life

    SmartNav puts valuable tools and technologies a touch away with an in-dash infotainment system. The system features a seven-inch, full-color touch screen to provide easy access to real-time vehicle monitoring, GPS navigation, phone and messaging, and a fully integrated audio system that plays through the truck’s speakers and can accommodate satellite radio and smartphones. SmartNav has Bluetooth® connectivity and voice recognition for hands-free operation. It is available with all Peterbilt interiors and comes standard with Peterbilt’s premium interiors.

    Beginning with trucks produced after July 20, 2015, SmartNav has even greater functionality and convenience. New features include Internet browsing, new applications such as a voice recorder and the ability to show up to four camera views (that can auto-activate when the turn signal or reverse gears are engaged).

    The SmartNav display can be set to English, Spanish and French Canadian.

    Resources – such as owner manuals – can be found under Peterbilt Operator Manuals

  • Phone, Messaging and Contacts

    SmartNav Bluetooth pairs with a user’s smartphone for hands-free, voice recognition operation, including phone calls, messaging and access to contact information. SmartNav is compatible with most cell phones and smartphones.

  • Navigation

    SmartNav utilizes integrated GPS navigation to keep you on time with the most efficient, truck-friendly routes possible by accounting for bridge heights, weigh stations and Peterbilt-specific points of interest. New units feature CoPilot Live that can be configured to match your routing preferences and your truck’s specific profile (such as height, weight and axle configuration). Popular CoPilot Live features include custom map views, fuel cost estimates, estimated time of arrival, distance from destination point, detours and real-time speed limit warnings for major roads.

    CoPilot activation instructions

    CoPilot Live operator manual

    Map updates for customers with SmartNav units produced prior to July 20, 2015.

  • Truck Monitoring

    Virtual gauges provide real-time vehicle data, such as fuel flow rate, air pressure and temperature. New SmartNav units have even more gauge options, such as tag and pusher axle pressure, PTO hour meter, auxiliary transmission oil temperature and trailer reservoir air pressure gauge. The enhanced SmartNav system also infills gauges so there are no empty placeholders and can save up to two gauge configurations to accommodate different operator preferences.

  • Camera

    New SmartNav units allow drivers to view up to four optional cameras installed on the vehicle. Cameras can be automatically activated when the turn signal or reverse gears are engaged. The auto-camera functionality can be configured through Peterbilt dealership service departments for the following: Models 579, 567, 389, 388, 386, 384, 367 and 365.

  • Audio System

    SmartNav is fully integrated with the truck’s audio systems. It features AM/FM/Weather bands, satellite radio (subscription required), a CD player, USB port for MP3 files, iPod capabilities (check iPod compatibility) and new units support audio streaming from Bluetooth devices.

  • Tools

    SmartNav features numerous productivity and convenience applications (may vary by model), such as a calculator, alarm clock, calendar, image gallery and sound recorder.

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